Funkfeuer Graz

Funkfeuer Graz is a free, experimental wireless network in Graz. Funkfeuer is open for everyone interested and willing to contribute. Funkfeuer is an unregulated network and tries to bridge the digital gap between the social layers and providing infrastructure and knowledge for it.

Funkfeuer is build and maintained by computer enthusiasts with different motivation and interests. This project is non commercial.

To join Funkfeuer a WLAN router or a PC with the OLSRd program, a little bit of patience, motivation and a free line-of-sight to the next node is needed. Every new member of the network extends the coverage.

Funkfeuer is committed to the idea of DIY (do-it-yourself). Every operator in the network decides for herself or himself how much effort to invest. The social network in the background provides know-how and practical help.

Funkfeuer is also a social experiment, because working strategies from FOSS are established in culture and society.

There is no central organisation, everyone is the provider! We build our network on our own!