The following services are currently offered by Funkfeuer Graz:

Internet access

We are offering internet access "over the air" over one of our Funkfeuer spots. Be part of it and extend our/your network!

CAcert is a community driven, Certificate Authority that issues certificates to the public at large for free.
This shall be an alternative for commercial root CAs, which are partly charging high fees for their certificates. The service of CAcert is public. Everyone can get a certificate on their name or their server, after proving its identity sufficiently.
Among the Funkfeuer users there are several approved CAcert members and they are happy to approve the identity of new node operators. Thus they can then get their own certificates.


Operation of our own SIP server for VoIP telephony among us and for landline (dial in/out). Free to use for node operators.


An outgoing e-mail Relay/SMTP server

More services can be found in our wiki.
If an additional service comes to your mind subscribe to our mailing list and let us know.