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On the first and third monday each month we meet each other to share our know-how and to catch up with every interested person or node operator over a drink. The time and place will be announced on the homepage. Usually the meetings will be held in realraum, Brockmanngasse 15.

І want an IP address:

For testing purposes IPs in the range 10.12.23.xx (netmask can be used. Please don't use these IPs permanently. Severe problems can arise if two routers in the network are using the same address. Thus please use it only for short tests (max. some hours). This should be sufficient for checking the availability and performance at your location. For a long-term use please sign up for your own address.

If you want to get your own IP address please register at the IP assignment system and mark your location on the map. Then send an e-mail with a small description of your plannings (router on roof, balcony or window) and if you were able to contact another node to the mailing list. It helps us if you include the link to your location (e.g. You can find the link in the address bar of your browser after clicking on your location in the map.

IP addresses with internet access will be assigned for node operators (persons who are willing to operate their router 24/7).

Important: For more information visit our wiki.

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